For Income Verification:

Documents to confirm your household income

You told us your yearly household income on your application. The documents you submit to the Marketplace to confirm your income must show a yearly income amount that closely matches the yearly income amount you entered on your application. For example, if you have a different job than you had last year, send the Marketplace recent pay stubs from your new job, instead of last year's tax return or W2. Read "The Consumer Guide to Annual Income data matching issues" for more information on how to resolve income-related data matching issues. You can use this worksheet to find out which documents you may need to submit. If you select "Other" from the drop-down menu, you can include this completed worksheet when you submit documents. We may be able to confirm your income and process your application faster.

Here are the documents you can submit to confirm your yearly income:

  • 1040 federal or state tax return. Note: It must contain first and last name, income amount, and tax year. Starting with 2018 tax returns, if you file Schedule 1, you must submit it with your 1040. Schedule 1 shows additional income and adjustments, like capital gains, unemployment compensation, student loan interest, or self-employment tax.
  • Wages and tax statement (W-2 and/ or 1099, including 1099 MISC, 1099G, 1099R, 1099SSA, 1099DIV, 1099SS, 1099INT). Note: It must contain your first and last name, income amount, year, and employer name (if applicable).
  • Pay stub. Note: It must contain your first and last name, income amount, pay period or frequency of pay with the date of payment. If a pay stub includes overtime, please indicate average overtime amount per paycheck.
  • Self-employment ledger documentation (can be a Schedule C, the most recent quarterly or year-to-date profit and loss statement, or a self-employment ledger). Note: It must contain your first and last name, company name, and income amount. If you’re submitting a self-employment ledger, include the dates covered by the ledger, and the net income from profit/loss.
  • Social Security Administration Statements (Social Security Benefits Letter). Note: It must contain first and last name, benefit amount, and frequency of pay.
  • Unemployment Benefits Letter. Note: It must contain your first and last name, source/agency, benefits amount, and duration (start and end date, if applicable).

Note: Has your household income changed since you submitted your application? If so, it’s important to report this change to the Marketplace right away. Learn how to report a life change.

Documents to confirm self-employment income

  • 1040 SE with Schedule C, F, or SE (for self-employment income)
  • 1065 Schedule K1 with Schedule E
  • Tax return
  • Bookkeeping records
  • Receipts for all allowable expenses
  • Signed time sheets and receipt of payroll, if you have employees
  • Most recent quarterly or year-to-date profit and loss statement

Documents to confirm unearned income

  1. Annuity statement
  2. Statement of pension distribution from any government or private source
  3. Worker’s compensation letter
  4. Prizes, settlements, and awards, including court-ordered awards letter
  5. Proof of gifts and contributions
  6. Proof of inheritances in cash or property
  7. Proof of strike pay and other benefits from unions
  8. Sales receipts or other proof of money received from the sale, exchange, or replacement of things you own
  9. Interests and dividends income statement
  10. Loan statement showing loan proceeds
  11. Royalty income statement or 1099-MISC
  12. Proof of bonus/incentive payments
  13. Proof of severance pay
  14. Pay stub indicating sick pay
  15. Letter, deposit, or other proof of deferred compensation payments
  16. Pay stub indicating substitute/assistant pay
  17. Pay stub indicating vacation pay
  18. Proof of residuals
  19. Letter, deposit, or other proof of travel/business reimbursement pay